Saturday 8 February 2014

ArtbyMiran News - New Winners from our Give Away - Check to see if you are a Winner

Thank you so much for joining us on our Grand Opening of artbymiran!

Thank you to everyone for sharing my blog and Etsy Shop with your friends and crafty followers!

We have 2 New fabulous Winner's (as we had to redraw) from our
give- away each winner will receive 5 images of their choice!! 
You will have 2 weeks to claim your prize 

Please contact Mi Ran at

with your choice of your 5 images

you can view all images over on artbymiran Etsy shop
(please add link to each image you would like so we know exactly the image you are requesting!!)


Looking forward to seeing your creations!!

If you are not a Fan on our Facebook Group 
and join us!!
We would love for you to share your artbymirans projects with us and enter our monthly challenge. Don't have an artbymiran image yet? 
To celebrate our first Facebook challenge, you can request Lollipop Leslie.
This image will only be available as freebie through our facebook group for the purpose of entering our facebook challenge. Click here for more details.


  1. Thank you I am so happy. I will send you email in a few are so generous..thank you for your kindness.
    susan salyer