Sunday 29 November 2015

Copic Coloring Faces

Hi everyone I was asked a few times how I color faces and which copic pens I use, So I have made a very quick tutorial for you all. You can save these pages they are here for you all to learn from and enjoy colouring art by miran images. Simply right click the page and save it and its your to keep, have fun and I can wait to see what you do with it .... hugs Tracy x

The image I use is  Flower Diva


  1. Thank you so much---I seldom use Copics but only because I don't know what colors work. Now you've shared the best---THANK you TRACY!

  2. I've given up about halfway through before because the coloring never looked right. Thanks for the 'final steps' that show how it all comes together...eventually. I can't wait to try this out soon.

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